Commitment to protect the confidentiality of data and privacy of our users and customers


version 1.1 – February 2023

We wish to give you maximum transparency on the use of your data and reassure you on this point. Indeed, the entire Ready4Sea team is particularly attentive to and mindful of the privacy of its customers and users.

This policy informs you of the processing operations carried out on this website and on the Ready4Sea mobile application, in accordance with the regulations on personal data.

When and why do we collect information about you?

On the website, we receive information from you for the purpose of sending you the communications you want to receive from us.

On the mobile application, we receive information from you so that you can use the proposed service and so that the service can be personalised. This includes verifying the authenticity of the data you submit and ensuring that it is correctly routed through our software.

Some information is essential to access the services. The compulsory nature of these elements is specified in the forms for each question, by an asterisk or by a “required” notice, or by an “optional” notice for data that is not required. If the mandatory data is not filled in, we will not be able to provide you with the service you desire.

Which information do we collect?

Ready4Sea is careful to only process personal data that is strictly necessary for the purposes detailed above.

The personal data we collect may include your name and contact information (username, email address, phone number), user content (images to personalise your user profile, files stored on our service to make it easier for you to access), your location ( processed on an ephemeral basis, without storing the information), and diagnostic and usage data of the service offered (to troubleshoot and/or improve it).

Some of the information and content (e.g., photographs or documents) that you provide on an optional basis may, under your responsibility and on your initiative, reveal sensitive data. By providing such optional information, you assume full responsibility for the transmission of such sensitive information to our platform.

How do we process this data?

We use your data for the following purposes:

  • Creating, managing and monitoring your profile on our mobile application and/or website.
    Legal basis: execution of a contract or pre-contractual undertakings.
  • Managing your requests for contact or information about our services.
    Legal basis: execution of a contract or pre-contractual undertakings; your consent when required.
  • Ensuring and improving the proper operation and security of our mobile application and/or website, their services and functionalities; Compiling statistics.
    Legal basis: our legitimate interest in ensuring the quality of our website; your consent when required.
  • Fighting fraud and complying with our legal obligations
    Legal basis: legal duties

In order to guarantee optimal security, we secure data transmission to and from our platform in a secure manner using HTTPS / SSL / TLS encryption.

In order to provide our services, we involve various organisations (web host, mobile application server, e-mail service) that can receive, host and process this data at our request.

Depending on the sensitivity of the data, various processes such as hashing (a one-way cryptographic process) may be applied to the data to protect it from being accessed or read. For example, your passphrase is hashed each time it is used, so that only you know the combination of characters you have chosen. It is never transmitted or stored in the clear. We have no knowledge of it and cannot read it.

In order to prevent fraud and non-payment, any incident, false or irregular declaration may be subject to specific processing to prevent fraudulent use of our services.

Recipients and transfer of your personal data

Your data will only be passed on to the following categories of people:

  • Ready4Sea’s authorised services (technical implementation team, customer and user care team).
  • Our technical service providers: hosting, unformatted data extraction service, email sending service, auditing, IT security and accounting service providers.
  • Our partners (e.g. nautical service providers) if and only if you have requested or authorised us to do so, and only in the strict context of the purpose for which the data was collected.

Social networks

We wish to draw your attention to the use of social network buttons such as “Connect with …”. In some cases, the use of these buttons simplifies the entry of your data to fill in a form. This is an optional proposed facility.

The use of these buttons may result in the collection of personal data by the social networks in question even before Ready4Sea has collected your personal data.

We encourage you to be cautious and to check the personal data protection policies of these social networks in order to know exactly what information is collected by these sites and applications as well as the purposes for which your data is used, particularly for advertising purposes. You can sometimes configure access and confidentiality of your data directly on the social networks used.

The use of these “social network” buttons is at your initiative and under your full responsibility. Ready4Sea is not responsible for the processing of your data by these third party social networks.

Data localisation

Wherever possible, we choose to use technical and commercial service providers located in the European Union. However, we may use services located outside the European Union and deploy your personal data to subcontractors located outside the European Union, for example because there is no viable alternative located in the European Union. In the event of such a transfer, we guarantee that it is carried out:

  • to a country providing an adequate level of protection, i.e. a level of protection equivalent to what the GDPR requires;
  • or under standard contractual clauses.

Retention periods for your personal data

Your data will only be stored in a form that allows you to be identified for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes described above. As a general rule, it is kept for a maximum of 3 years from the last date of interaction with our services.

The data is then either deleted or anonymised and can be used for statistical purposes.

The following are the few exceptions to the general rule stated above:

  • This data may also be retained for the purpose of complying with a legal obligation or kept on file in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • If you have made a request to exercise any of your rights in relation to your personal data, your data will be kept for a period of 1 year after your request.
  • Personal data from cookies that are used to analyse the navigation on our website are kept for a period of 1 year.
  • Personal data from cookies necessary for the operation and audience measurement of our website is kept for 14 months.

Your rights

In accordance with the regulations, you have the right to access, rectify, delete, oppose and transfer your data.

You also have the right to limit the processing of your personal data. If you have consented to the processing of personal data, you may withdraw your consent at any time. Furthermore, you have the right to lodge an appeal with the French data privacy commission (CNIL).

Finally, in the event of your death and in the absence of instructions from you, we undertake to destroy your data, unless it is necessary to keep it for evidential purposes or to comply with a legal obligation.

These rights can be exercised by contacting the Data Protection Officer (DPO), indicating your contact details (surname, first name, email address), and a legitimate reason when required by law (in particular if you wish to exercise your right to object to the processing). The DPO can be contacted directly via the contact forms in the main menu of the mobile application or in the footer of the website, at

Cookie Management Policy

In the interests of transparency, we explain here how our website and mobile application use cookies.

Information may be collected automatically during normal use of our site, with your prior consent where required.

The data collected may include: your IP addresses, connection data, types and versions of web browsers used, types and versions of browser plugins, operating systems and platforms, data about your browsing experience on the site, including your browsing experience on the various pages of our website, the content you view, the search terms you use, the length of time you spend on certain pages, and your interactions with the page.

Cookies needed for the site’s functioning

Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and cannot be disabled.

These cookies are placed exclusively by Ready4Sea. They allow us to maintain your session, to access the features of our site, and to personalise your browsing experience, for example by adapting the display to the preferences of your terminal or according to your preferences.

Finally, we use several third-party services to secure or provide functionality on our site. First of all, to protect the site from spam and abuse, we use two services: Akismet and Google reCaptcha. In addition, to provide a map on the mobile application, we use the Mapbox service. These services are each likely to set cookies. Without these cookies, several parts of the site or the mobile application could not function.

Analytical cookies

Our site uses analytical cookies in order to understand its audience, its use and its performance, and to improve its operation and ergonomics (for example, the pages most often consulted, the searches made by visitors, etc.). Our site mainly uses the Matomo service, installed locally on our website. In addition, we also use the statistical website analysis tools Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Hubspot. You can, at any time, refuse to have your browsing on our website tracked. This will have no impact on your use of this website.

Social network cookies

As mentioned above, our mobile application may offer to identify itself through third party services (social networks). This is only a convenience and is in no way mandatory. If you choose to use it, Ready4Sea cannot be held responsible for any traces that may be placed by such services.

Marketing cookies

At this stage, our website and mobile application do not use any advertising services, and therefore do not set any cookies for this purpose.

Cookie management by the user

You can configure your browser at any time so that cookies are stored on your terminal (opt-in) or, conversely, that they are rejected (opt-out).

Each browser has a different configuration for managing cookies. This is described in the help menu of your browser, where you can find out how to change your preferences.

Any settings you make may affect your browsing experience and your ability to access certain services that require the use of cookies.

More information about cookies can be found on this page, which is automatically generated:

Communications privacy

Some events on our site or on our mobile application trigger email communications: for example when you write to us via a contact form. It is worth remembering that email is a poorly protected mode of communication: it is the Internet equivalent of a postcard!

Thus, anyone with access to the communications, such as the postman in our example, could read not only the name and address of the recipient, but also everything you have written to him. We have therefore taken care to use the maximum encryption available (HTTPS / SSL / TLS) on the communication channels we have control over.


This privacy policy may be amended in the future. The updated privacy policy will be posted on this page and in the case of substantial alterations, we will post a notice and may notify you by email if necessary.


By continuing to browse this site, you accept our commitment to protect the privacy of our users and customers, and we thank you for that.

We are therefore confident that we have done our utmost to comply with the most stringent legal requirements, but also to protect our users ethically and sensibly, even when not required by law.